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About Us

AHRI, Inc. is a rapidly growing corporation, certified SDB by the Small Business Administration. AHRI provides services to both Government and Industry through a broad range of scientific disciplines.

AHRI's corporate office is located in Birmingham, Alabama.

AHRI Website

AHRI's website reflects current information available about AHRI and the many services we provide.  Updates to this website are made frequently to reflect the continuous growth of AHRI in services and personnel.

AHRI is dedicated to providing our clients quality services and solutions.

Privacy Statement

All information obtained through this website from clients, visitors, government officials and interested parties is strictly confidential and will not be released to third parties.  All information is strictly the property of AHRI and will be used only to provide information as requested by the parties listed above or for internal marketing and research.  AHRI does not provide names, addresses or other personal information, including internal marketing and research data, to other companies.

For more information on AHRI's Privacy Statement, please contact:


205 20th Street North, Suite 314
Birmingham, AL 35203