Herbal Supplement for Weight Management



Shedlip capsules contain Garcinia Cambogia, Commiphora Mukul, Aloe Vera, Piper Nigrum which have an effect on basal metabolism as well as it suppresses the appetite and improves the fat metabolism thereby controlling the bodyweight



Composition: Eachcapsule contains:


Garcinia Cambogia Extract                           400 mg

(Standardized for HCA Ca. salt50%)


Commiphora Mukul Extract                           100 mg

(Standardized for Guggallsterone E&Z2.5%)


Aloe Vera Extract                                        10 mg

(Standardized for PolysaccharideContent)


Piper Nigrum Extract                                   10 mg

(Standardized for Piperine95%)


Excipients                                                   q.s.


Uses: According to the age-old scriptures of Ayurveda and other complementary and alternative systems, theherbal ingredients of this product are claimed to be useful in managing abnormal weight gain (obesity).


Dosage: Two capsules two times a day, before meals. The evening dose, preferable with luke warm water. Or as directed by the physician


Contraindications: Not reported in recommended dosage


Side Effects: Not reported in the recommended dosage


Presentation: HDPE pack of 60capsules


Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Protect from light.


Price:  $39.95



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